Grind Baby Grind


As we all know, gourmet salts and spices come in whole sizes. Meaning, that exquisite cooking involves some little extra processing along the way. I have a very hectic life/schedule; therefore, I have found myself trying to juggle cooking at home (to save money) while also trying to save time (time is money people!).

I have found a few fantastic recipes with Himalayan salts, smoked salts, and white pepper, and to complete the process, I decided to try this electric Sterline Salt and paper grinder (available for sale at

My life revolves around technology, and I wasn’t going to spend the time grinding salts on my own (simply boring, and cooking is certainly not my favorite thing). After learning that there was a machine that could do it for me, I couldn’t resist to try it.

When opening the package, what I first noticed (and loved) was that the grinder already brought its own sets of batteries (a total of 6). There’s nothing I despise more than having to buy batteries… the process is like having to find a needle on a carpet (long and tedious). I popped the batteries right away and decided to explore the grinder. The material is super sleek, smooth, and modern, which makes my kitchen look a bit more modern (hey, looks are important too!).

Using this is beyond easy (easier than applying eyeliner). Simply unscrew the bottom (transparent) side of the grinder, fill it in with spices, screw it back on, and then flip… the flip motion activates the grinder and it’s good to go. How cool is that?

I’m overall super happy with my new gadget, and I have absolutely no complaints!

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