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I’ve been wanting to try car seat covers for both my Honda Odyssey and my Nissan 360z, but I had my hesitations for a number of factors, one of those being the fit… I didn’t want to struggle getting it together or having to resource to return my purchase because online return processes are seriously the most tedious things in the world. I came across this car seat cover from Leader Assesories, and I must say that I’m overall satisfied with the quality and fit.

Quality: super study material and very well sewn in. It is thick enough to be comfortable, but thin enough to adapt to the particular seat’s surface.

Fit: Super stretchy materials and back pockets which is always a plus. Its airbag compatible and brings all the accessories necessary for a flawless installation. It also brings a cover for the seat’s head, making it match flawlessly.

I wanted to used this on all my cars and couldn’t wait for the second set to come in the mail. As a result, I used the back part of the set on my Honda (greatly necessary as the kids seat in the back and they are the messiest)and the front seat set on my Nissan.

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