A Cup of Joe

hairI have a brief horror story to tell: I have always been very active with my hair processing since a very young age. My first hair color experimentation happened when I was in 5th grade – I got blue highlights. And as I grew older, I grew more conservative, and by the time I was a freshman in college, I was a very light blonde. At the time, I was seeing a hair stylist, and she suggested the “great idea” of getting a perm. And yes! As many of you may imagine, bleach and perm didn’t mix well, I lost all my hair, and ended up with two inches of hair on my head. I won’t lie, this was definitely one of the most frustrating moments in my life… I became depressed and discouraged, as in my opinion, my hair is one of my greatest assets.

Time has passed, (7 years to be exact) and my hair is finally where it needs to be. It hasn’t been easy; I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on hair treatments and salon products. And after my little hair stylist experience, I no longer let anyone touch my hair. I have been able to accomplish a nice bronde hair tone by mixing  blonde and brown hair dye (not boxed people! buy salon brands!). And after accomplishing the nice shade, I avoid re-dying my hair when it fades, or using toners that may damage my hair (been there done that). After so much thinking, and after so much drinking (coffee) I have noticed how coffee spills can ruin a perfectly fine piece of fabric. So I thought, wouldn’t this be a great hair color refresher? So I went ahead and tried it.

The steps are very simple:

  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo.
  • Boil coffee (not decaffeinated). The amount depends on hair length. My hair is above my breast, so I boil about 5 oz.
  • Apply to hair and let it rest for an hour under a heap cap for maximum coverage.
  • Wash with lukewarm water.
  • Proceed to regular routine.

I have noticed great benefits from using coffee wash; its affordability, the fact that it is a natural product, it revives my hair color without dying it, and it does an effective job at reducing the yellow/brassy tones from faded brown hair.

Hope you guys find this useful!

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