Acing The Job Interview

I promised myself that I would keep my blog fashion focused. See, I have been fashion obsessed since a very young age, and now that I have some free time, I thought it would be a great idea to share my fashion likes and thoughts.

The “problem” is that not only am I a fashion guru, I’m also an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist; therefore, I can’t help but to talk about the topic from time to time. For the many people that don’t know, in short terms, an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist or I/O Psychologist is an individual that apply psychological principles to accomplish organizational goals (this may include formulating performance appraisals, training employees, consulting, etc.).

Now that the above is clear, something that I want to share with my readers/followers today is how to understand the strategies behind a job post. A job post isn’t simply a long boring list of things that are required from an employer. Instead, a job post is divided into the so called “KSA’s” or knowledge, skills, and abilities.

As many of you may guess, knowledge refers to the body of information that an individual should posses in order to perform the job tasks efficiently; skills refers to performance abilities; and abilities refer to aptitudes.

These KSA’s are determined through a variety of methods, with the most popular being , job analyses.

Now that this is clear, I have future recommendations to ace your next job interview:

  • Don’t simply read the job post, read every requirement and determine if these fall under a knowledge, skill, or ability.
  • Account your previous work experiences and take the time to outline how your previous experiences fulfill the KSA’s required for the particular job.
  • Study past organizational successes (e.g. challenges) and integrate how your KSA’s could be an addition to the organization.

I could go on and on with the topic, but this is a blog post not a report!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

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