Grind Baby Grind

As we all know, gourmet salts and spices come in whole sizes. Meaning, that exquisite cooking involves some little extra processing along the way. I have a very hectic life/schedule; therefore, I have found myself trying to juggle cooking at home (to save money) while also trying to save time (time is money people!). IContinue reading “Grind Baby Grind”

Great Lengths

We all have our own personal beauty demands. As we browse through social media, many of us have a noticed an unlimited demand for the perfect contour. Others may also desire “eyebrows on fleek” or naturally plumped lips, while any others (including myself) are in the journey of finding the perfect mascara for long andContinue reading “Great Lengths”

The Practice of Self-Love

I’m sure that most of us can recall the saying that we must love ourselves before being able to love others. “A very interesting phylosophy” I used to think, without giving it much thought. At some point in our lives, people ask us if we love ourselves, and I would dare to say that 90Continue reading “The Practice of Self-Love”

Everyday Solutions

I’ve been wanting to try car seat covers for both my Honda Odyssey and my Nissan 360z, but I had my hesitations for a number of factors, one of those being the fit… I didn’t want to struggle getting it together or having to resource to return my purchase because online return processes are seriouslyContinue reading “Everyday Solutions”

A Cup of Joe

I have a brief horror story to tell: I have always been very active with my hair processing since a very young age. My first hair color experimentation happened when I was in 5th grade – I got blue highlights. And as I grew older, I grew more conservative, and by the time I wasContinue reading “A Cup of Joe”

The Lonely Owl

There isn’t one day where I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed and not encounter memes with comments such as “I hate people,” “The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog,” “Tell me plans ahead of time so I can cancel ahead of time,” “The happiness I feel when plans getContinue reading “The Lonely Owl”

What He Didn’t Tell You

Today, I’ve decided to venture out of my fashion vibes do address a topic that should be important to any contact lens wearer: eyes. I have been wearing contact lenses for 8 years, and it has been a very interesting experience, if you may. When I first started wearing these, I was 16 years oldContinue reading “What He Didn’t Tell You”

Ghostly Racks

Let’s face it: we do our best to stay on top of the latest trends. But when your biweekly payroll gets in the way, and you’re on your mid 20’s, there is certainly a load of obstacles that can get in the way of the perfect outfit. There are multiple alternatives to help you accomplishContinue reading “Ghostly Racks”

Acing The Job Interview

I promised myself that I would keep my blog fashion focused. See, I have been fashion obsessed since a very young age, and now that I have some free time, I thought it would be a great idea to share my fashion likes and thoughts. The “problem” is that not only am I a fashionContinue reading “Acing The Job Interview”