An Optimized Chance

These are very uncertain times. We are dealing with racial injustice, social riots, contagious diseases, work insecurity and everything in between.

Unemployment rates are at a all-time high, and with this, comes greater uncertainty and competition work open jobs. I’ve been impacted by all of this and it has been a very complicated process.
I’ve seen job opportunities closed ahead of time because they had too many applicants. This means that after I worked hard to submit my resume, no one took the time to review it (even if I was highly qualified for the job). On top of that, we have other challenges such as an applicant tracking system, content appeal, etc.
Recruiters have always been strict and a hard target to attract. During these times, they are getting stricter and harder to reach. Small resume mistakes such as spelling, content irrelevancy and even format can be factors that close the door for a great opportunity. 
I consider myself a good writer, but even so, it is always important to have a second pair of eyes review your work, which is why I decided to try
They are a resume editing service that targets every area of your resume to make sure you meet the standards to get noticed by a recruiter. Their service is very inexpensive compared to similar ones. On top of that, they even have a free resume review service where they quickly tell you what areas you could improve.
I liked that everything was straight up and to the point. After seeing and reviewing my resume so many times, my mind became accustomed and let go of small details that other people could see. I think this is a great resource for someone who needs help improving their chances to land an interview.
I wish everyone stays safe during these hard times.
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Cooking Without Limits

I’ve never been the greatest cook… or at least I haven’t tried to. Cooking hasn’t been my greatest passion, either because I find it boring or I don’t have the patience to put the ingredients together (don’t get me wrong, I love eating the final results).

After this entire quarantine situation, I’ve been trying to up my cooking skills… there’s nothing more pleasing than eating healthy and knowing exactly what’s going on your plate; reason why I’ve been determined to learn a few recipes.

As I try new recipes, I’ve noticed the importance of having a good cutting board. At first, I tried cutting on plates, but the experience was uncomfortable, and the knifes would leave marks behind the plates. Then I decided to stop putting it off and got myself a hold of Royal Craft Wood cutting table.

The first thing that caught my attention about it is the fact that it is made with anti microbial materials. I like this because I’m super paranoid when it comes to cross contamination in the kitchen. I also like that it is made with organic bamboo, which means that I’m not cooking my food on tools that could transfer its chemical composition to my food (believe me, I’ve read a bunch of articles on toxins transferred to food as a result of cooking tools). Anyways, The 3 cutting board sizes are super convenient, and when cutting, the knife doesn’t get stuck on the board. It also has a very convenient design thanks to its liquid retention grooves and handles for easy carrying.

This was a great find and I think you should check it out!

Helping My Back

I hope everyone is staying safe and conscious!

With all these constant health topics, I’ve been paying more attention to my body and it’s needs. I’ve always been health conscious, but there are certain things that we simply ignore.

I’m in my late 20’s; however, I already have a small spot of arthritis on my back. Long story short… I did very heavy lifting while doing some yard work about 2 summers ago. The pain came and never left. After seeing my doctor, and getting X-rays, I was told it’s arthritis.

There’s nothing I can really do to help it, except keeping a good posture and going about my day with balance. My doctor told me that working out/walking would help with the pain; but my pain actually gets worse after a workout. The same happens in the opposite end – if I spend all day sitting on my butt, the pain gets worse. Through trial and error, I noticed that the pain gets better when I have a day that it’s balanced: the right amount of activity, but not overdoing it.

Some days the pain gets worse, so I noticed that getting a massage or even putting heat on it makes it feel so much better.

I wanted something that would help with my back while feeing comfortable, and that’s where I came across Geniani XXL heating pad.

One thing that I like about it is how affordable it is. I wanted something that would work straight to the point without breaking my bank. The heating pad is large enough to warm up my entire back. The heating settings are comfortable and soothing without being too hot or overwhelming. At the same time, I’m cold most of the time, so I like that apart from helping with the pain, it also keeps me warm. This has 3 heating settings and comes with auto shut off, which is great at keeping us safe.

This was a great find and I think you should check it out!

Just Breathe

My health is one of the things that I’m greatly grateful for. I’m not perfect, but I try my best to stay on track and provide a safe environment for my body.

During the past few months I’ve gone through some rough paths, in between allergies, hormonal problems, and even getting bronchitis, I’ve been trying hard to stay on track.

Allergies are one of the things that affect me the most. I have a small office in my home, and it doesn’t matter how much I clean it up, it’s always dusty. Two days after wiping everything, there’s already dust everywhere. On top of that I have chronic dry eyes. Every time I get allergies my eyes feel dryer and irritated, so I always try my best to keep my environment as clean as possible.

I recently came across Geniani home air purifier and decided to give it a try. One of the things that I really like about this filter is that the size isn’t huge. It is fairly sized for the amount of work that it does, which is great. This filter is designed for larger rooms, so I’m confident that it does double the work in my smaller office. Geniani has a HEPA filter, which is perfect to remove allergens, smoke, mold, germs, and dust. Geniani is also powerful, but quiet. Meaning that you could use it over night (also has a dim night light). So far I’ve noticed that my office is less dusty and my eyes are less irritated. Overall, I’m thankful to be able to breathe cleaner air.

This was a great find and I think you should check it out!

I’ve Got The Power

I have a large family. On top of that, I always have close friends coming over. One thing we all have in common is that it’s 2019; therefore, we have all sorts of smartphones, tablets, and gadgets. When it comes down to it, we all need charging power, which is why I’m always trying to figure out ways to make our gatherings a little “sweeter.”

I went online and came across DGStore multi device charging station, and it has been exactly what I needed. It has a total of 5 charging ports, so I love that now my family and guests have the ability to charge their phones at the same time and effectively. Since this is an USB port, you can also easily charge an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPod, Apple Watch, Bluetooth speakers, PSP, Cameras, Headsets, and external Power Banks (which is pretty cool!).

The cables are varied for all your needs, so it comes with 3 American Local brand phone cables, 1 micro USB cable, 1 type c cable, and 1 x 4.9ft Power Cord. It also chargers at a increased proficiency of 87%, which is faster than most chargers in the market. 

This has been a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Killer Brows

For many, beauty isn’t a priority; however, most people try to keep a minimally polished look. Things such as perfect eyebrows can’t be forgotten, as they can enhance the shape of your face and even the depth of your eyes.

I like doing my own eyebrows, so it’s been a long journey of experimenting, trial, and error.

After a while, I noticed that tweezers, brow fills, and an angled brow liner has been key to make my brows look full and defined. One thing that I struggled with was the tiny hairs between the brows and around them. I used to plug the hairs around the brows one by one, which can be time consuming. On top of that, I’m going to vacation soon, so I went in the hunt for an additional tool that would ease my eyebrow fix time.

After shopping around, I came across Shinco eyebrow trimmer razor with LED light, and it has been fantastic.

I like that this is battery operated, so I can be on the go, especially when traveling to a foreign country. The LED light is definitely helpful and provides enough lighting to see the hairs without being too low or blinding. The razor works super fast, so I can remove the additional hairs in less than a minute (which is faster than plucking with tweezers). I also love that this is gentle on my skin, thanks to its hypoallergenic gold coating. As a result, I haven’t experienced any irritation or ingrown hairs.

This is a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Baby Coming To Town

I’ve never been crazy about the baby talk… at least it hasn’t been a concern of mine.

I thought about it many times, but I never had the immediate desire to procreate. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I decided that I wanted to have my first baby when I turn 41.

As I dismiss the topic, I recently came across the news that one of my childhood best friends is having her first baby; and all of the sudden, this topic has become a priority in my life.

Now, I spend most of the time thinking about my best friend, her growing baby bump, and her needs. It’s weird to think how much love and care you could have for a baby that isn’t even yours! I can’t resist to imagine how intense of a love it must be to be a mom!

As I try to make a positive impact in my friend’s new role as a mom, I started thinking of different products or baby items that will be helpful for her. Sadly, I won’t be able to go to her baby shower, so I decided to get her some must-haves ahead of time.

I got her a couple of presents, one of those being an infrared digital thermometer by ReliefCare. Babies are vulnerable and exposed to all sorts of triggers, so I wanted to gift her with something that would be useful in keeping track of her baby’s health.

What I really liked about this thermometer is that it isn’t basic – instead, it provides a variety of functions and reading modes that are useful in keeping track of your baby’s temperature.

For example, ReliefCare has a forehead and ear mode, which is great depending on your individual needs. If you happen to forget the last temperature reading or if you just need to keep track of your baby’s temperature, this thermometer actually tracks the temperature of your baby and even recalls the last 25 readings! It also has infrared technology, which allows you to track your baby’s temperature from a distance – which is great, especially if your baby is hyper. This thermometer also has a a bi-color LCD display, which allows for easy reading.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Saving My Skin

When you meet someone (at least in my case), the first thing I notice is their face. Our face is the first step into representing who we are. As a result, I try to keep my face healthy and clean.

Not a long time ago, I used to believe that products with high amount of chemicals were the best thing to rejuvenate and boost the skin on the face. For some reason, I was under the impression that natural thing simply didn’t work.

As time passed by, I started learning about the nature of our skin, how sensitive it is, and the fact that there are many common products out there with a load of carcinogens. For that reason, I started looking for products that promise to be gentle and effective.

In my search, I came across LuxeOrganix eye cream, and I was more than excited to try it out.

The first thing that caught my attention about this cream is that is has retinol, which has been amazing at helping with my premature fine lines. Their retinol is plant-base, and is amazing at boosting collagen, speeding cell turnover, and evening out skin. As I read about LuxeOrganix, I also learned that all the ingredients used are natural and organic.

What I love about this eye cream is how lightweight it is. It’s super moisturizing without being annoyingly oily, which is definitely a plus! I have super sensitive and dry skin, and 89% of products that I try for dry skin are super oily, which I hate with passion. I also like that I can use this product both at night and day time, meaning that I know I can go under the sun without risking my skin to stains. The scent is very light to none, which is another thing that I love greatly as I hate weird scents on my face before going to sleep.

I’m so happy that I found this and I love how gentle and moisturizing it is to my skin.

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Where’s That Coming From?

It seems to me that the majority of us have some sort annoying task to deal with when it comes to our homes. Whether it’s a million piles of leaves in the fall or constantly clogged toilets, our goal is to find solutions that are fast and help us save money in the long run.

In my case, my struggle is a very (VERY) humid basement. I have tried a bunch of methods, such as leaving the windows open during the summer, and constantly cleaning and tossing things, but nothing seemed to help. Every few weeks, my basement grew a huge amount of mold… and when I say huge, it’s to the point where you could easily get a sore throat. This would get all over my stuff, even my clothes, and in the end, I had to throw everything out. Among the mold, there were other annoying stuff, like the smell, and the fact that I even got frizz from just going to the basement (I spend close to three ours blowdrying and styling my hair… it’s a lot of work).

I realized that the most economic and effective solution would be to get a dehumidifier, but these tend to be very expensive. After some research, I came across Yeufey 30 pint dehumidifier and it has been the best thing that has happened to me. It is suitable for up to 1500 sq ft, which is perfect for the space in my basement. It can drain 4 gallons of water a day, which sounds like plenty humidity.

I love that it has automatic humidity control, allowing you to set your preferred humidity levels. It also has 24 hour timer and has a full tank alert system, with auto shut-off, which is very convenient. It even comes with a draining hose, which works as you go along.

One of the things that is always great for any appliance is the fact that it is so easy to move around. It rotates 180 degrees and comes with 4 wheels, which eases the entire process.

I’ve had this in my basement for less than a week, and I’m so excited to say that I notice that I no longer get frizz going there! With time, I’m certain that I won’t be dealing with the mold situation again.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Healthy Inside Out

We all have our deficiencies or weak points in our bodies. If I don’t take care of myself, I struggle with super dry skin, brittle nails, and fragile hair, which is why I take supplements such as collagen.

Finding the right collagen supplement can be somewhat of a struggle, due to the variety of forms and options present in the market. Collagen tends to smell and taste horrible, so I was lucky to find tasteless and odorless collagen powder, which I add in shakes, coffees, etc. There’s also marine collagen and grass fed collagen (marine is self-explanatory, while grass fed simply means it comes from cows).

Powder collagen is a great option, but it can be an issue if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to prepare any food combination that allows the use of powder collagen (and that blends in well). For that reason, I went on a search for a collagen supplements that I could swallow in seconds and be on the go.

After some research, I came across CollagenDNA premium collagen peptide capsules, and these have been amazing.

I love that I get to take these on the go, without having to worry about having to prepare some sort of food or drink to mix them in. These are honestly the first collagen pills I came across to that are actually tasteless and odorless. Before taking these, the only way for me to take odorless/tasteless collagen was in powder form, which again, involved some drink/food preparation. Apart from this, I love that I only have to take 2 capsules twice a day. The first collagen supplement that I ever tried (didn’t only stunk and tasted horrible) but required that I take 6 capsules a day… that’s just crazy!

As I was researching this product, I also learned that collagen have many more amazing benefits apart from hair, nails, and skin. It turns out that collagen is crucial for healthy bones, tendons, connective tissue, and also supports joint flexibility. Apart from that, I also learned that CollagenDNA has 180 essential aminos and micro-nutrients, which not only aid your skin, but also in the production of creatine, which serves as an energy source for your muscles. Due to the high content of protein in these collagen supplements, these are a perfect addition of most healthy diets. For many people with sensitive diets (like myself) CollagenDNA is free from soy and gluten.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!