Shopping for 4K UHD Smart TV Round 5

I’m a tech junkie. I always have to buy the latest gadgets, and when it comes to technological upgrades like 4K UHD TV’s I can’t fall behind.

Early this year, I purchased an LG 4K UHD TV, which is seriously one of the greatest out there. The image quality is fantastic, and the Smart setting additions are super fast.

Recently, I decided to purchase an additional 4K UHD TV for my bedroom; but this time, I wanted it to be budget friendly. 

A week ago, I purchased the Samsung Smart TV, which was a total disaster (image quality was quite disappointing). Today, I went ahead and returned it, and continued searching for a budget friendly idea. As I browsed through the multitude of options, I came across Hisense UK UHD Smart TV, which was about $372. 
I asked around the store for opinions on this brand, but no one could tell me anything, (I’ve owned LG, Vizio, Samsung, Westinghouse, Sony, among others). But I haven’t heard much from Hisense. With the price tag, and the amazing features, I went ahead and gave it a try.

When I got home, I decided to checkout the ports, which are listed below.

Bottom of the TV has:

  • HDMI 3 (4K@30hz)
  • HDMI 4 (4K@30hz)
  • Digital Audio Out
  • AV In

Towards the side of the TV you’ll find:

  • Channel and menu buttons
  • USB 3
  • HDMI 2
  • HDMI 1
  • Audio Out
  • Service
  • USB 2
  • USB 1
  • Ant/Cable

These multiple ports allow connections for antenna, VCR, DVD player/ recorder, set-top box, and satellite receiver. 

Other features include:

  • Ultra fast access to Netflix
  • Numerous social media and gaming apps (including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, etc.)
  • Thousand of movie streaming content
  • 4K media player and receiver
  • App Store and web browser
  • Built-in wireless connection
  • Vibrant contrast and 4K streaming

When I first opened the box, I couldn’t help but being excited with the features on the remote control. I love that it has custom buttons to access Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, and YouTube, without having to browse through the TV settings (compared to my LG and previous Vizio 4K purchase, where I had to browse through the settings to access these features).

I plan to mount the TV to the wall, but in the meanwhile, I attached the legs, which was pretty easy to do.

Upon setting up the TV, it was given the option to set it up to “home mode” or “store mode.” Home home promoted an energy saving feature, while store mode was promoted for the display of images. 

What I love about this TV is that I’m given a multitude of options to set up the color ratio, warm, brightness, display, and what not (and when I say multiple, I mean picture mode, contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, ratio, advanced picture options, expert settings, and picture settings). These settings were like being at a candy store: I loved my power as a user to truly customize the TV according to my very aim or need.

When it comes to the display of its 4K features, it is FANTASTIC! From 1-10 I would grade this an 9 (or a -A) as the image 4K features is nearly close to perfect. This TV could easily compared to my X3 more expensive LG 4K UHD TV. Now, I literary don’t want to leave my room. 

For the price, I must say that this TV is a total steal. I’m able to enjoy the 4K features in my bedroom without breaking the bank. The 43 inches size is perfect, the Smart features are fantastic, the image is vivid and it allows users to customize according to your needs. I think this is one of those very few TV’s with a quality beyond their price point, and I seriously recommend you check it out! 

My new favorite makeup tool


For many of us, makeup has become a necessity. The beauty arena encompasses many categories, from the products you purchase, to the tools to aid basic application.

When I first started wearing makeup, I was the “finger girl.” I applied everything with my fingers: eye shadow, blush, concealer- you name it. As the years passed by, I stated incorporating makeup brushes. Today, we have so many tools to aid application, from makeup sponges, silicone beauty blenders, and even oval brushes.

I have gradually started using every single one of these tools (it takes me a while to make the decision as I’m very conscious with my money and what I really need vs just a fad). Oval makeup brushes have been out for a little while; I never thought much of them, but lately, I decided to give them a try.

I got a hold of Nora’s Brushes oval brush set, and I’m literary OBSESSED.

To start off, I love how COMPLETE this set is. At first, I thought I would be receiving a bunch of round brushes. But upon inspecting these brushes, I was able to appreciate the differences in shape and sizes. Some of the brushes are very round, others are oval, and others are elongated, allowing for a multitude of application strategies. I could say that this set could easily help you apply concealer, foundation, contouring, and even eye shadow, without the need of a bunch of different tools.

Did I mention that these are so amazingly smooth!? These feel so, so, so great that upon trying them, the first thing that I thought of was my comfy bed (I know it sounds insane, but it was seriously that good smooth). What I loved about them, is that even though they were greatly smooth, the brushes were very sturdy, allowing for a fantastic application of makeup. Below, I included some of my favorite brushes in the set:

What I love about these smaller brushes is that there are great to accomplish a very natural contouring and concealer application. I have hollowed under-eyes, and sometimes a beauty blender misses some of the corners when applying concealer; but thankfully, the brush above was great for that!

The quality is also superb. It is made out of synthetic hairs; however, the hairs are as good as natural ones. The holder is shaped strategically to rest your fingers, and it is completely shred protected.

This is by far one of my favorite makeup tools, and I look forward to keep using these.

Don’t forget to check them out!


I Did an iOS Update Experiment, and This is What Happened…

img_1724I purchased my first iPhone after the release of the iPhone 4, and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

There are many things that I love about the iPhone, including the nature of the iOS operative system, the feasibility of iOS apps such as Facetime and iMessage, and the diversity of the available apps.

After multiple years of purchasing the latest iPhone, I started noticing one thing: After a new generation iPhone came out, it seemed like my current iPhone started slowing down, or dealing with other bugs/performance issues.

You may think, “of course, each newer generation will be faster than the older one; therefore, your current iPhone will seem slow.”

At this point, my argument is, how can my iPhone get slow (or seem slow to me) if I haven’t even tried, played with, or experienced the newer iPhone generation?

I currently own two iPhone 6S. One of these iPhones is my personal phone, while the second one is for work purposes. After I learned about the “no headphone jack” fiasco from the iPhone 7 (I could literary go on a rant), I decided that I simply won’t purchase the newer iPhone 7.

I have a Master of Science degree. As a practitioner, I approach many things in an experimental basis. Therefore, I engaged in a mini experiment to differentiate the performance factors between an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS update (iOS 10.3.1) vs. an iPhone 6s without the latest software update (iOS 9.3.5).

For this experiment, I came up with three hypotheses:

Hypothesis 1: both of my iPhones 6s will perform at simultaneous speed or performance regardless of their iOS updates.

Hypothesis 2: The iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update will perform slower than the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 update.

Hypothesis 3: The iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update will perform faster than the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 update.

Additionally, I will refer to my personal iPhone 6s as “iPhone A” and my work iPhone 6s as “iPhone B.”

My experiment consisted of upgrading to all iOS software updates for iPhone A, while ignoring all software updates for iPhone B (I started doing this experiment right after the release of the iPhone 7).

After doing this for close to 8 months, these have been my final observations:

iPhone A: After the release of the iPhone 7, I updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 10. After my update, what I first noticed was that all my iMessages were freezing. I had to close down the app and then reload it for it to start working again. I also noticed that my Instagram and Twitter apps were freezing half way through my feed. At that point, my emails would also freeze, so I had to reload the email app and start writing messages all over again. After a while, my entire iPhone started freezing up (I couldn’t swipe left or right), so I had to constantly restore it. At this point, I was under the assumption that this could be related to some sort of fixable bug on iOS 10 (as it was recent release). As a result, I decided to reset my iPhone back to iOS 9.3.5 (which was possible to do for a limited time). After resetting my iPhone back to iOS 9.3.5, all these bugs were gone! My iPhone was back to normal and it was running smoothly (and faster). Time after that, I noticed that there was a new iOS 10 update (I think it was iOS 10.1.1), claiming better performance from the previous iOS 10 update. At this point, Apple was no longer supporting iOS 9.3.5, so I knew that if I decided to upgrade to iOS 10.1.1, I would have no way to reset it back. For the sake of the experiment, I upgraded to iOS 10.1.1, and ever since, my iPhone has been even worse. At that point, my iPhone doesn’t only freeze up when messaging people, I have noticed that it is significantly slower, it takes longer to load apps, when I turn it on/off the screen changes to half white and half green, and the strangest of all: my iPhone has a vibrating flick that vibrates repeatedly throughout the day. This flick sounds as is the vibrating motor got stuck on repeat, and then it followed by a notification sound; but when I check my iPhone, there is no notification of any sort. I have continued updating my iPhone’s iOS every time there is a new release; and even so, it is continuously slower and with more issues. Today, iPhone A is currently running under iOS 10.3.1, and it isn’t any better.

iPhone B: This iPhone 6s is working flawlessly. I haven’t experienced any issues in terms of messages freezing up, iPhone freezing up, or its performance slowing down. In fact, although it is operating under iOS 9.3.5, it performs faster than the iPhone 6s operating under iOS 10.3.1. With this iPhone, I get notifications 1-2 times a day, everyday requesting to update to the latest iOS software. I also noticed that my apps require updates more often than the apps on my other iPhone 6s running under iOS 10.3.1 (or iPhone A). On a final note, it has been claimed that if you don’t update your iOS, your apps will start underperfoming, but this has not been my experience with this mini experiment. On the contrary, this iPhone is performing as new!

Final verdict:

After my mini experiment, the iPhone 6s with the iOS 9.3.5 update performed faster and with no bugs, compared to the iPhone 6s with the iOS 10.3.1 software; Therefore, Hypothesis 3 was supported.

I was at least hoping that both iPhones would perform simultaneously (considering that they were both iPhone 6s). However, I wasn’t surprised when the iPhone with the iOS 10.3.1 software performed the slowest and with many bugs.

At this point, I feel somewhat disappointed. I’m torn between an iPhone 6s with increasing performance issues and the fact that I don’t want to upgrade to an iPhone that doesn’t have an headphone jack (some of us don’t have time to be charging earphones all the time). However, I’m hoping that this year’s release of the iPhone 7s (or iPhone 8, per some rumors) will encourage me to become part of the upgrade mania.

Keeping it Warm

Fall is an excuse for cute scarves, pumpkin spice, and lots of shopping around. As the season and the weather transitions, I’m looking for things to make my routine more doable.

For example, mornings are cold, and there’s nothing worse than freezing in the car and waiting an eternity for the heater to work. Although I love the vibes of the cold months, I don’t enjoy dealing with the brutality of it, so I went ahead and got a hold of Big Ant heated seat cushion.

There were a few things that inspired my decision to try it. For example, I liked that this was marketed as an universal seat for cars. This meant that I would be able to move it around depending on which car I would use for the day. I also liked how they promoted a flame retardant sponge and high quality resistance wires. I’m always a little paranoid about the flame factor with these types of articles, especially after I saw my college roommate’s plugin blanket catch on fire!

I also liked how simple the packaging was. The seat is large enough, but the packaging materials and instructions didn’t take up a lot of space, so you’re able to store it anywhere around the house, until you need to use it. I also think that the plaid sewing design gives it a nice look for the most elegant to the most simple car craftsmanship.

At first, I was concerned about the fact that it can take 3-5 minutes to warm up. In my opinion, it felt that it would take forever to warm up while I was freezing my butt off. But after trying it, I figured it was a total exaggeration! If you think about it logically, any product of this nature (that is safe) won’t go from 0 to hot in a snap; this isn’t a realistic expectation, neither would it promote safe standards (as people take heat differently or feel comfortable in different heat settings).

In simple terms: I love it. This heated seat cushion is easy to plug and warms ups right under 5 minutes. It has an anti-slip and rubber sole, which creates a great grip between myself and the seat (no matter what I wear) – you know, sometimes silky fabrics or dresses can become a slippery mess. It has low and high heat settings, keeping a natural temperate between 110 and 120 Fahrenheit. The seat is also standard, so I was able to fit in in my van and sports car.

I think anyone that needs additional heating during the winter, who doesn’t necessarily use their car heat at a high setting, or who wants butt comfort as they drive should give this a try. I personally think that there is a huge difference between the car’s heating hitting your face vs. feeling warmth directly on your body.

Overall and very exciting find. Check it out!


It Keeps Getting Better


This is seriously a dream come true. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it did. I’m crazy obsessed with my Marrado Table Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker, and I can’t shut up about it.

I love how different and versatile this lamp is, so I definitely had to go for it!

The lamp has a modern, sleek, and super smooth look. I love that everything works through touch sensor and it is easy to work around. The table lamp have warm and bright lighting settings to work it according to your needs; and when you want to spice it up, you also have a color setting mode, allowing you to change the lighting to purple, blue, red, etc.

Processed with MOLDIV

Apart from the cool lighting settings, it also allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth. The connection is easy, fast, and the Bluetooth doesn’t require any complicated passwords or pairing instructions. I was more than surprised when I paired my iPhone to the lamp – the music goes as loud as can be, all while sounding so smooth and with amazing harmony. Again, I didn’t expect this lamp to sound so well, meaning that I’m anticipating many fun activities with it. You can actually charge the lamp and then use it fully wireless, which is very feasible and free.

I’m so super obsessed and I think you should check it out!


It Keeps Getting Better


At this point, you’re probably aware of my ongoing obsession with Bluetooth speakers; I love the feasibility, the freedom, the lightweight, the power, etc.

At time passes by, I notice more and more improvement in features, with AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker being one of the coolest.

There are so many things that are different about this speaker, compared to the typical Bluetooth speaker. Let’s start with the fact that it is waterproof! This mean that I can use it while in the shower and even answer phone calls without worrying about getting my iPhone wet!

Processed with MOLDIV

AncordWorks is very lightweight and feels great in the hands, but at the same time it is very well made and it is super sturdy, which is a necessary feature as it is shock, dirt, and sand proof.

The Bluetooth connection to my iPhone is easy, smooth, and doesn’t require a password! – Earlier speakers required a password to connect with my iPhone, which was pretty annoying and time consuming (as it wasn’t a custom password).

AncordWorks can play music up to 23 hours (none of the speakers I own can’t play music this long, maybe 5 hours at most), and it comes with a memory card and card reader which allows you to store up to 1,000 songs.

The sound is great, and can go loud without the sound of static…

PS. It also comes with all the necessary charging tools and a very suction cup to mount it in the shower.

Check it out!


Fall Must-Haves

It’s the first day of October, and for the first time this fall, we had a nicely chilly day, which is bittersweet.

With the changes in season also comes new beauty routines, and one of the things that is always affected by these changes is my hair. The colder weather makes my hair stay in place for longer periods of time; however, I struggle with things such as hair that becomes very dry and tangled. There are a few things that I’ve been using to aid this dryness, with one of my favorites being Rusk Deepshine Oil Moisture Conditioner.

This conditioner is specifically aimed for hydration and smoothness, detangling and transforming dry hair! Rusk Deepshine is enriched with argan oil, and provides protection against chemical damage, thermal damage, and even damage caused by environmental changes (bingo!).

I love that a little bit of this conditioner goes a long way (I tend to need huge chunks of conditioner to detangle my hair). It also detangles my hair easily (meaning that I don’t have to pull my hair extra hard to detangle, which in the long run is damaging for the hair). In the end, it leaves my hair super smooth, meaning that I’m needing less products to keep my hair in place, and for the same reasons I can go longer without washing my hair.

This is simply a miracle worker and I certainly think you should check it out!

It’s Fall And…

It’s officially the first day of fall and I’m beyond excited!! In between the warm apple teas, pre-thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and the increase in family reunions, my favorite thing is being able to redo my wardrobe for the coming cold months.

So far, I’ve gotten a hold of some fall essentials, such as a light trench jacket (in pink since pink is in this fall!) and a beige Calvin Klein scarf. And recently, to complete my look, I got a hold of Hotter Shoes’ Whisper boots.

There are so many things that I love about these boots. The boots have an amazing cut, meaning that these literally look great in leggings, skirts, and jeans. As a result, I can easily wear these in warmer and colder days. The inside of the boots have a faux fur lining, which keep my feet super comfortable and warm. The arc support is also fantastic (I have a very steep arc, so most shoes are very uncomfortable). The sole also had an amazing grip and its very flexible, meaning that I can walk over wet fall leaves and even snow without worrying about slippering.

The shoe box comes with a receipt, and return label, and a catalog containing some offers and discounts.

They have so many cute styles. What I love the most is that the styles provide so much comfort without the grandmother-look factor. Below, I included some of my favorite styles.

You can get 40% off your first purchase with promo code RECFPO. And with your first purchase, you also have your first return for free!

Check it out!

Just A Quickie

I have a very large family, and with that comes many things, including a bunch of electronics – all connected to my wifi.

With one million different things connected to my wifi, I noticed that my internet connection was gradually getting slower. On this phase, I was getting late emails, some things weren’t loading, and my smart tv was buffering all the time (specially when on Netflix and YouTube). Earlier this month, I decided to install a security camera system in my home, and that’s when everything went downhill. Not only was my internet signal terrible, but there was also a delay on my security camera image and recording, which was very annoying.

I did some research online on how I could speed-up my internet connection, and that’s when I figured that connecting a router to my wifi modem could be a solution. Soon enough I got a hold of Kasda wifi router. Before I go into the details, below I included a brief summary of the specs:

  • AC 1200 dual band
  • 5dBi high gain antennas
  • Brings its own cable modem
  • 8MB flash memory and 64MB ram
  • Frequency dual band 2.4ghz & 5ghz
  • 2.4ghz wifi guest networks

There are multiple things I love about this router. For example, it has a USB outlet which allows you to connect it directly to your computer. The router had a very easy setup, which is done directly on your smartphone. It brings a very detailed manual with all the specifics on the setup, so even if you’re not very “techquie” you’ll be able to set it up. My wifi signal is certainly way faster (it had 4 antennas for a greater reach!), and there’s no longer any delays on my security camera’s recording.

Check it out!

My Prerogative

I’m a total Apple junkie. I’ve owned every iPad and iPhone that has come out; from the 4 up to the 6 – and my amazement ended there.

As zombie-like it may seem, I loved the idea of getting a new iPhone every year due to the fresh perspective and technology, but it just hasn’t been the same anymore.

For me, the iPhone 6 was revolutionary as it provided a larger screen, a Plus model, and faster technology. But then came the iPhone 6s, with the only revolutionary change being the 3D Touch. For me, this wasn’t significant enough to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, especially after considering what most tech experts claimed, “These changes were possible on any iPhone model with a simple software update.”

Then came the iPhone 7: not only does it look pretty similar to the 6, but now it lacks a headphone jack. We know that an adapter is a viable solution; however, carrying a bunch of adapters seemed counterproductive for me as I want feasibility and things that will make my life easier, instead of having to carry extra tools, extra wires, extra things…

With all these insignificant upgrades, and being stuck with the iPhone 6, I was super excited and so looking forward to today’s Apple event, as I was hoping for innovation and finally being able to upgrade my iPhone (yes I’m having difficulty considering a phone brand that isn’t Apple).

The iPhone 8 is finally announced, and again, it is a model that looks like the iPhone 6, except for the materials and maybe the variation of colors. And of course, like it’s previous model, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, which to me is an epic fail. Apple allows engravings or personalization in most, if not all gadgets available for sale- why not make headphone jacks an optional features for buyers, especially if it so widely present in many technological gadgets today? Even so, I was considering the idea of getting the 8, until I learned about its all glass body… this means that my iPhone is at a greater risk of breaking. Nevertheless, this all glass body allows wireless charging, which isn’t a free feature of course – you are obligated to pay over $245 for the charger, and not using an Apple branded one kicks you out of warranty. And then there’s the iPhone X, “innovative” I thought, but I won’t pay $1000 for a phone I will be replacing annually, even if I can afford it. On top of that, I hate the idea of not having a home button. I would now have to stare at my screen to unlock it (facial recognition) which isn’t suitable in situations where you want to unlock your iPhone secretively, which I’m able to with the fingerprints on the iPhone 6. And to add to my concern, without a home button, there hasn’t been any mention of how people will be able to take screenshots on their phones.

Yes, we have to agree that the iPhone have other technological features, speeds, processors, and other advances that are exciting and useful. However, with the new physical features (of lack of thereof), I feel that I have more to lose by upgrading.

Healthy Vibes

img_3536A healthy body and mind is very important for a healthy functioning. I try to take yoga classes and eat a healthy diet as often as I can, but sometimes our own efforts need an extra boost – that’s when we have to start considering supplements.

The supplement market is very vast. There is a multitude of options and health claims for a multitude of conditions, and sadly, many times these claims are not true.

Although I have a healthy body (healthy sugar levels, cholesterol, steroid levels, etc.) there were many things in my body that needed extra help. For example, I was hungry often, constantly dealt with brittle nails and hair, very dry skin, a lack of nutrients, etc.

I tried many supplements for the months to come, and it wasn’t until I incorporated Natrogix Green Superfood Powder that I started seeing true changes in my body.

This container brings a serving for 30 days; however, I’m often able to extend it for close to 40 days.

Processed with MOLDIV

This supplement is protein based, and a single serving contains the equivalent of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables. It also contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, healthy enzymes, and probiotics.

Apart from the benefits above, it also helps by strengthening your immune system, cleansing the body from free radicals and toxins, it enhances digestive health by improving nutrient absorption and relieving bloating, and the best of all – it is 100% vegan!

Some of its ingredients include barley grass, spinach, wheat grass, alfalfa, moringa, goji berry, macca, beet, broccoli, pineapple, watermelon, raspberry, and more. The combination of ingredients also have vitamins A, C, and K, niacin, riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and much more.

There are many things that I love about this supplement. For example, a single serving is super filling, meaning that I’m able to replace a snack or even snack less throughout the day, which has helped me get rid of few extra inches. The serving of protein has been a great replacement for protein smoothies (whey protein is expensive, so I have been able to save some money). I definitely have x2 more energy, I’m less moody, and my nail and hair are less brittle (I started noticing the hair/nail changes after two months of use).

I think this is a fantastic solution at a great affordable price – you should definitely check it out!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I’m obsessed with jewelry (who isn’t, right?) And with my obsession comes an immense collection of rings, bracelets, and earrings.

With prolonged wear these can get stained, and I always seek quick solutions to clean them, such as baking soda, ketchup, and even toothpaste.

These were doing and okay job, but I still wanted something that would make everything shine, so I started researching some cleaners that would do the job without being so abrasive (I was afraid of damaging my jewelry)… that’s where I came across Quick ‘N Brite Jewelry Cleaner.

The cleaner is odorless, which I think is fantastic, and it has a very light soapy feel. This cleaner can virtually clean anything – gold, silver, opal, diamonds, you name it.

The instructions state to simply soak your jewelry in the solution for 3 minutes, then wash with hot water. If you need a deeper clean, then soak an additional 3 minutes and wash again.

These results were great – my jewelry was super bright and the tones looked as new.

I also liked that it wasn’t abrasive on my fingers – the ingredients in this cleaner are free of chemicals, abrasives, and are 100% biodegradable.

Overall and item that everyone should have in their household.

Check it out!


Most of us have an elderly loved one in our families; in my case, it is my grandmothers.

Regardless of their age, they always seek to stay active, as they preach that an active lifestyle leads to a long life. After so many years of adventure and the birth of multiple children, they deal with a few physical constraints here and there, including leakage.

I speak about this openly for so many reasons, including the fact that our bodies are a reflection of our story; therefore, leakage tells the story of a life well-lived and the birth of loving children.

I’ve sought many solutions to help them out, some more comfortable than others, but not optimal. Then I came across Wearever underwear and put them to the try.

There are many things that they loved about it, including the fact that these are so comfortable and look like regular underwear. I personally think that’s the greatest asset, the fact that the underwear is stylish (by the way, they also make underwear for men).

Due to the success in my family, I decided to get a pair myself (for those comprising days, AKA periods) and I love these a lot. As I mentioned, these are very comfortable, easy to wash (it can last close to 300 washes or so), the heavy protection is so great that nothing leaks through, the comfort level is superb, and these are super discrete.

Whether it’s for a loved one or yourself, I think these are worth the shot.

I’m also following them on social media to stay current with new products and potential offers.